What's New

Version 4.0

By popular request, Manifest now lets you track time for multiple tasks within a project. Swipe left on a project and tap the task icon to add or change tasks. In the Today tab of the detail view, you’ll see a breakdown of time by task for the current date. You can also tap on a task in this view to make it the current task. In the Analysis tab, you’ll also see a breakdown of time by task. Tasks can be used across projects, which lets you categorize your time.

Improved Scheduling
In order to help you keep your schedule on track, this update contains big improvements to scheduling. For each day, you’ll see your projects broken down into Scheduled and Unscheduled sections. Projects appear in the Scheduled section if the current date is a work day for that project and the project’s goal hasn’t been reached yet. All other projects appear in the Unscheduled section, which is collapsed by default to keep things tidy. (Just tap on the Unscheduled header to expand it.)

By default, all projects use the global work days setting that you can configure on the main settings screen. (Tap the gear in the upper left corner of the screen.) In addition, you can set a custom work day schedule for each project on the project’s settings screen. For example, if you have a project that you only do on weekends, you could set that project’s work days to Saturday and Sunday. It’ll appear in the Scheduled section on those days, and in Unscheduled on all other days.

Finally, a new daily goal type is perfect for projects that have the same time requirements each day. You can select the daily goal type in any project’s settings.

Improved History Tab
The History tab can now show your time visually so you can see at a glance what you worked on during the course of a day. Swipe from side to side to view different days, or tap on a block of time to edit it. The list view is also improved, now breaking down time by date and showing the task.

From either view, you can tap on the + button in the upper right to add time manually, which is perfect if you forgot to start a timer. You can optionally assign a task and notes as well.

Sync Settings
If you have iCloud sync enabled, Manifest will now sync your app settings across devices, providing a consistent experience no matter where you are. There’s nothing to set up or configure, and your data continues to be private.

Improved Watch App Reliabilty
This update improves the speed and reliability between Manifest on your phone and your Apple Watch. Timers should start and stop more quickly than previous versions. I plan a bunch of additional improvements to the Watch app in a future release, but I wanted to be sure and improve the basics now.

Keyboard shortcuts
On the iPad, Manifest now supports some basic keyboard shortcuts for moving between projects and tabs. I plan additional improvements to keyboard shortcuts in the future.